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Joint Aid Ltd
Broxell Close
CV34 5QF
Phone: 01926495201
Fax: 01926499050


Joint Aid Testimonials

Name of owner: David Ogden

Comments: We have a border collie whose back legs kept collapsing, especially when negotiating sloping ground or steps. The vet said that only a seriously expensive x-ray would determine the problem, but we decided to try Joint Aid for Dogs first.

Within just a few days the incidents stopped completely. We reached the end of the packet and decided not to re-order as the problem was probably a short lived, injury related, condition.

Within about 3 days she suffered a series of serious relapses and she went straight back on the Joint Aid for Dogs with the same miraculous results.

She has not missed a daily dose since and there has been no recurrence. Not one !!

Name of Owner: Mrs S Burgess

Description: Yorkshire Terriers (Aged: 12 / 8 and 6)

Customer Comment: I have 3 Yorkshire Terriers, a 12 year old, 8 year old and 6 year old. The oldest one developed problems with his hip and knee joint of one back leg after several treatments from the vet - all of which didn't help - I didn't know what to do.

We were at a country fair and noticed a stall offering Joint Aid for Dogs and I decided to give this a try. Now, two years down the line, he runs and jumps again like a two year old.

My reason for writing is to let you know that this product is brilliant and without it he might have lost his leg. I give all of them half a scoop a day and they really look forward to it. As they have dry food, I give it to them like you would give a child medicine.

I thought you would like to know Joint Aid does work. People ask me when they see me buying it if it works and I cant help but praise it over and over again.

Once again, thank you.

Immune Aid Testimonials

Name of Owner: Jill Ferris

Description: 2 year old Pointer

Customer Comment: I have been adding Immune Aid to my two year old Pointer's food for just a few weeks and so far have been very impressed with the results.

Mr. Darcy has suffered with allergic skin problems since he was a puppy. Apparently he's allergic to grass and pollen!! Our vet put him on steroids, which I wasn't happy about, so I then put him on some homeopathic treatment instead. This helped, but did not completely cure his skin problems. Since feeding him with 'Immune Aid', I have managed to stop giving him the homeopathic treatments and his coat and skin are looking really good.

PlaqueOff Testimonials

Name Of Owner: Ms S Starr

Description: 5 dogs aged from 2 years to 12 years

Comments: Plaque was forming on the teeth of Hope and all dogs had mouth odour. Within 4 weeks bad mouth odours disappeared and plaque on teeth became very soft so could easily be scraped off and is not forming as much now. A vast improvement... I think PlaqueOff is brilliant and excellent value for money.
Name Of Owner: Mrs A.Young

Description: Labrador, 5 years old

Comments: Max's breath was sweeter and no more build up.

Elavina Testimonials

Name: Mrs O’Driscoll

Comments: Since being on Elavina my flexibility of movement, particularly in my fingers and thumbs has improved. I suddenly realised this the other day when performing a task with my hands that normally casued me problems.
Name: J Allerton

Comments: My grandmother, who is 84 and is waiting for a hip replacement has been able to walk without the aid of a stick since taking Elavina, so you can imagine, she is more than impressed and is spreading the word about this fantastic product.

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