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Serene-Um - Calming for Cats & Dogs

Serene-UM is a natural dietary supplement, which contains natural ingredients, required to produce increased amounts of a mood stabilising substance, already present in the body, called serotonin. Serotonin is produced by the body naturally from nutrients in the diet; these nutrients form the basis for Serene-UM, effectively giving the body the raw ingredients to produce more serotonin. Interestingly, serotonin is also a crucial player in the release of other substances that make your pet feel happy and rewarded.

Because many dog behavioural problems or cat behavioural problems exhibited by our dogs and cats become learned dog behaviour and cat behaviour very quickly, they can be very difficult to counteract. Serene-UM assists by controlling or alleviating the underlying emotional state, which drives the problem behaviour , so that the learned behaviour can be corrected through re-training, use of dog behaviour aids, cat behavior aids, or by following a dog behaviour modification program or a cat behaviour modification program. In many cases, simply the addition of Serene-UM to the dogs daily diet or cats daily diet can show a significant change in their behaviour .

Serene-UM also helps your dog stay calm and relaxed and serene and your cat stay calm and relaxed and serene during unsettling periods. Dogs can get very frightened of loud noises and bangs such as fireworks but Serene um helps with this. Cats can get very frightened of loud noises and bangs such as fireworks and thunderstorms. These noises and bangs are loud in November and December such as bonfire night and New Year’s Eve and thunderstorms. On bonfire night and New Year’s Eve lots fireworks are let off making loud noises and bangs. These fireworks frighten dogs and frighten cats and Serene-um tablets will help to calm and relax your dog and calm and relax your cat.


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